Taste & Tell 10-28

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Each month, I try and post a “Taste & Tell” to show some of the awesome restaurants I’ve been to in the Columbus area or wherever I have traveled. As I have mentioned before, I have gone to way more than I actually post, but I have this problem where my phone dies every time I leave the house so sometimes I can’t take as many pics as I would like. The one’s I’ve decided to post about this week are definitely blog worthy.  Check out some of these delicious eats I’ve tried recently!

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I love when my parents come into town, mostly because I really enjoy their company, but also because I can pick really good restaurants to take them to.  They have enjoyed the other Cameron Mitchell restaurants I have taken them too the past times they’ve come into town so I decided this time to take them to The Pearl in the Short North.  Even if the food wasn’t as good as it was, I probably still would have liked this restaurant because of it’s ambiance and character.  Onto the food though, we all had amazing meals.  My family raved about the Oysters, I tried a bite of the grilled cheese and that was one of the tastiest sandwiches I have ever had, and my shrimp and grits was heavenly.  This is a great place to go for dinner, or even brunch, if you’re headed toward the Short North.

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After getting lost trying to find a new juice bar in Old Towne East, my roommate and I came across an amazing place to get brunch/lunch at called the Angry Baker.  It had to have been fate because this place had the cutest atmosphere, an amazing menu, and was well worth the walking around aimlessly to end up there. We sat up at the bar and ordered one of their amazing pastries while waiting for our meals.  We ended up getting the Oreo doughnut below that did lived up to my expectations.  Erin ordered the quiche of the day which was amazing and I ordered the smoked salmon egg BLT that I wish I could have every day over and over again (pictured above)- yes, it was that good. This is such a cute place to go for lunch/brunch/or just to stop in and have a pastry and coffee- Oh and it’s a great vegetarian and vegan spot too!

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Next up on the list is actually one of my favorite bars- Pint House.  They serve food too which is why I have featured them on this Taste & Tell.  For one of the OSU games, I went to Pint House and decided to start my drinking off with some bloody mary’s and accompany those with a nice appetizer.  At Pint House, they have a smaller menu of food and a large menu of beer, but that doesn’t mean their food isn’t good.  My roommate and I split the pretzel sandwich thinking we would be getting something pretty basic in the way of appetizers- boy were we wrong.  They had 3 different dips and 3 different pretzels- one regular, one stuffed with cheese, one stuffed with cream cheese.  The dipping sauces to accompany were also spot on. Great place to grab some beers or even mixed drinks and try their brunch, apps, or even dinner menu for a game or just a fun night.

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Lastly, with my brunch/breakfast obsession and also my obsession with pumpkin, it is only fitting for me to post about the tasty pumpkin spice pancakes I got at Sunny Street Cafe in the Arena District.  This is a restaurant that has a couple locations around the Columbus area and is open for breakfast and lunch daily.  They have a lot of great options for breakfast, but the pumpkin spice pancakes that they have on the menu right now have to be some of the greatest pancakes I have ever tasted.  They are topped with a cinnamon walnut butter and drizzled with tres leches.  This is a fall must-have! 

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If you’re in the area try and check some of these places out.  Look out for where I will be going these upcoming weeks!

Have a sweet day!


Taste & Tell 9-15

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The last Taste & Tell version was posted a while ago.  Since then, I have gotten to stop by some pretty cool food joints in the Columbus area.  I have gone to way more than I actually post, but I have this problem where my phone dies every time I leave the house so sometimes I can’t take as many pics as I would like. The one’s I’ve decided to post about this week are definitely blog worthy.  Check out some of these delicious eats I’ve tried recently!

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A really neat place I recommend a lot of people to stop by while in Columbus is the North Market.  This is like a very small version of the West Side Market in Cleveland and has many different vendors of ethnic foods, meats, cheeses, desserts, and more.  It’s located in the Short North area on Spruce St. and has a really cool indoor market feel.  They host many different events there like wine tastings or beer tastings, but I really just go for the food.

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Prepare to be overwhelmed when you walk in this place.  Every food stand looks and smells amazing so it is really hard to choose- but trust me, you can’t go wrong with any.  This time around, I chose to go to Best of the Wurst stand.  I read about their amazing hot dogs and sandwiches and had to try one for myself.  I got this great Panini grilled cheese special which had cheeses, bacon, and mustard along with their homemade potato salad.  This is one of the many great places to stop for lunch, dinner, or a snack at the North Market.

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Recently, a new restaurant called El Arepazo Latin Grill opened up in the German Village on High St. which my roommates and I can walk to.  There is already one downtown which my one roommate had gone to a couple times and told us we HAD to go to the new one and try their fish tacos. I will recommend these to anyone- they were AMAZING.  Three tacos come in an order so we decided to split two orders among all three of us. They fry their cod to perfection and top the tacos off with avocado, corn salad, and chipotle sauce.  We ordered the sauce on the side and also asked for their cilantro sauce which were a great flavor combination with the tacos. If you like fish tacos- make it a point to stop here. (first pic in post)

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Bareburger is a recently new place on High Street downtown that is an all-natural and organic burger and snack joint.  Don’t let the words “organic” “all-natural” make you think that these burgers aren’t good- cause they’re amazing.  What I like about this place is the variety and different options you can choose for your burger.  You can choose a style of burger that they have created or a make your own.  With options like elk, bison, quinoa, fried chicken, and beef how could you not find something you like!?  They also have amazing salads, sandwiches, sides, and DIPS.  Their curry ketchup and special sauce that come with fries are to die for.  Check this place out, there is something for everyone here!

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If you’re in the area try and check some of these places out.  Look out for where I will be going these upcoming weeks!

Have a sweet day!


Taste & Tell 8-22

If you haven’t had a chance to see it, there is a Buzzfeed article titled “24 Indisputable Reasons Columbus Has The Best Damn Food In The Land” I recommend you check out.  If that isn’t convincing enough- I have decided to show some of the dishes or drinks I’ve tried from restaurants in the Columbus area each week.  Sometimes I may even add in a copycat or similar recipe from something I’ve tried to help give ideas for cooking at home.  Check out some of these delicious eats I got to try this past week!

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In German Village is a really neat Bakery that specializes in cakes called Kittie’s Cakes.  It was my roommate’s birthday last Saturday so I picked up six of their mini cupcakes as a gift.  We tried almost all of the flavors they had made for that day: Black & White, Coconut Cream, Cookies & Cream, PB&J, S’More, & White Out.

Of course, I had to try the coconut one because I think I actually have an addiction to anything coconut.  It was AWESOME. Each of the cupcakes had such an intricate description & the flavors and fillings were out of this world.  Will definitely be picking up a cupcake or two again in the near future…

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This past weekend we weren’t only celebrating my roommates birthday.  It just so happened to be the Beer Fest & the Food Truck fest too.  So… having tons of food trucks and over 150 vendors of beer all at my fingertips was comparable to the excitement I feel on Christmas morning.

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The picture above is from one of the food trucks I stopped at during the festival- Street Thyme Food Truck.  They had a special going where you could get a 1/2 burger and fries for $5.. hard to pass up.  My roommate ordered the Apple Bacon Brie burger which was AMAZING and I chose the Cajun Flame which has “Grilled Ohio Amish tomato, fresh jalapeños and hot pepper cheese. All covered in our truck made habanero-sriracha aioli. With fresh, organic lettuce in-between a fresh baked Challah roll”- Sound enticing?  The habanero-sriracha aioli I have been having dreams about ever since.

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I recommend checking out this truck- its in the running for top food truck in the area and is definitely worth it.

Below is a picture from the other night when my family and I checked out Bakersfield in the Short North for the first time.  We started with their queso and guacamole which both hit the spot.  The queso was different from any other that I have ever tried before, but it was definitely a hit amongst all of us.image (17)

We each ordered different tacos for the entre.  I tried their corn truffle taco and also their fish taco and washed it down with an ice cold margarita.  Would definitely go back again and try some new tacos since they have such a variety.

If you’re in the area try and check some of these places out.  Look out for where I will be going this upcoming week.

Have a sweet day!



Pop ‘Till You Drop

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You know how in the movie Elf, Buddy has his four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup? Well, in my family, popcorn is one of our main food groups. Whether it’s a late night snack, meal replacement, or even a side to our pizza entré, popcorn always seems to be one of our go-to foods.

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At Polaris mall, they have a place called Doc popcorn which has a great selection of different popcorns- both sweet and savory. The scent of the popcorn while you’re shopping is probably one of the most distracting and mouth-watering things that one can experience. So, because my self-control is so great, I could not help but grab a bag for myself before I left.

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I am a huge fan of mixing sweet and savory to get the best of both worlds. That being said, I chose their kettle popcorn and cheddar. Someone really smart one day decided to make this combination a thing (but with caramel corn and cheddar), called it “Chicago Mix”, and started selling it for addicts like me. This got me thinking though… if they can make something like this at home, then why can’t I?

I found a great recipe for both a cheddar popcorn and caramel corn at http://www.aspicyperspective.com/2013/10/garretts-popcorn-caramel-popcorn-recipe.html. This recipe uses a realistic amount of ingredients and had some great reviews. Whether it is out as a snack at a get together with friends, snuck in your purse when at the movies movies, or even just something to have around the house for your late night cravings- this is something easy and fun to switch up your usual butter and salt on popcorn routine.

Have a sweet day!