About Me


 My name is Kelcie Mehwald and I am a huge lover of all things food. I just graduated from Miami University and am currently living in, what I believe to be, a great food city: Columbus, OH.

My idea is to share some of my fascinating food & other unique finds with you through this blog. Whether it is from me sharing my favorite FoodGawker posts, my own home cooking stories, spotlighting unique restaurants, or just talking about my favorite food topics in general, I am hoping you can gain some ideas to add to your own meals.

Since I’m right out of college and a single girl- a lot of my recipes are 1-2 servings and somewhat vegetarian.  I try and make recipes though that can be adaptable to anyones preferences by adding meat, substituting ingredients, etc.


One thought on “About Me

  1. I have a foodie idea. I am going to send you my recipe and Nuval rating and total health rating for the recipe. Let me know if you are interested. Recipe is the corn tortilla vegetarian baked tostadas with a Nuval rated of ~90. See Nuval.com.


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