Taste & Tell 9-15

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The last Taste & Tell version was posted a while ago.  Since then, I have gotten to stop by some pretty cool food joints in the Columbus area.  I have gone to way more than I actually post, but I have this problem where my phone dies every time I leave the house so sometimes I can’t take as many pics as I would like. The one’s I’ve decided to post about this week are definitely blog worthy.  Check out some of these delicious eats I’ve tried recently!

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A really neat place I recommend a lot of people to stop by while in Columbus is the North Market.  This is like a very small version of the West Side Market in Cleveland and has many different vendors of ethnic foods, meats, cheeses, desserts, and more.  It’s located in the Short North area on Spruce St. and has a really cool indoor market feel.  They host many different events there like wine tastings or beer tastings, but I really just go for the food.

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Prepare to be overwhelmed when you walk in this place.  Every food stand looks and smells amazing so it is really hard to choose- but trust me, you can’t go wrong with any.  This time around, I chose to go to Best of the Wurst stand.  I read about their amazing hot dogs and sandwiches and had to try one for myself.  I got this great Panini grilled cheese special which had cheeses, bacon, and mustard along with their homemade potato salad.  This is one of the many great places to stop for lunch, dinner, or a snack at the North Market.

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Recently, a new restaurant called El Arepazo Latin Grill opened up in the German Village on High St. which my roommates and I can walk to.  There is already one downtown which my one roommate had gone to a couple times and told us we HAD to go to the new one and try their fish tacos. I will recommend these to anyone- they were AMAZING.  Three tacos come in an order so we decided to split two orders among all three of us. They fry their cod to perfection and top the tacos off with avocado, corn salad, and chipotle sauce.  We ordered the sauce on the side and also asked for their cilantro sauce which were a great flavor combination with the tacos. If you like fish tacos- make it a point to stop here. (first pic in post)

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Bareburger is a recently new place on High Street downtown that is an all-natural and organic burger and snack joint.  Don’t let the words “organic” “all-natural” make you think that these burgers aren’t good- cause they’re amazing.  What I like about this place is the variety and different options you can choose for your burger.  You can choose a style of burger that they have created or a make your own.  With options like elk, bison, quinoa, fried chicken, and beef how could you not find something you like!?  They also have amazing salads, sandwiches, sides, and DIPS.  Their curry ketchup and special sauce that come with fries are to die for.  Check this place out, there is something for everyone here!

 photo 4 (3)

If you’re in the area try and check some of these places out.  Look out for where I will be going these upcoming weeks!

Have a sweet day!



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