Build Me Up (Peanut Butter) Cup Baby

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcake

For my first blog post I thought it would only be fitting to post about one of the greatest desserts to ever be created: cupcakes. My team for the American Heart Walk in Columbus decided to hold a bake sale today at work. Naturally, after I heard this, I spent majority of my free time trying to find a new dessert I could make for it.

I must have been craving cupcakes when looking for recipes, because I ended up deciding on these Peanut Butter Chocolate cupcakes and Oreo Truffle cupcakes. Below is the final product of each.

image (4)

I always like making two different kinds of desserts for events like this. I do this for two reasons: one because people like variety and two because most of the time I end up messing one up. This time, they both surprisingly turned out well. I think the Peanut Butter Chocolate ones looked much prettier- hence the reason why I took pretty pictures of it.

image (3)

Each of these recipes were made with cake mix. It is really easy to find good recipes that add in a couple extra ingredients to spruce up cake mixes. I also was able to go to Michaels Arts & Crafts store and get piping tools for the frosting. This didn’t cost more than $5 for the plastic tips and plenty of piping bags. If you have the time to go and get these tools it is well worth it. You can find the simple but delicious recipes by following these links:

Have a sweet day!



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